Casita Linda creates a dignified, safe, and empowering environment that provides a foundation of hope for families living in extreme poverty.

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Tax Update

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It appears that Congress is poised to increase the standard deduction for a family to $24,000 from $12,000.

For many, this might mean that starting next year there will no longer be a benefit to being able to take charitable deductions because your itemized expenses might not add up to $24,000. If you are in that category, it might make sense to double up on your 2017 giving in order to make use of your last chance to take a deduction for gifts to your favored charities.

Casita Linda appreciates your support.

Louise Gilliam
President of Casita Linda, A.C.

Help Build A Home Now

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Holiday Season 2017

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Norma, age 14, just slept in a real bed under a roof that doesn’t leak for the first time in her life!


Let me tell you a story.

There was a family who lived in a shack made of found pieces of cardboard and newspaper. The family all slept together on a dirt floor in one small, cold room.

They owned a small piece of land, called an ejido, that had been handed down to them through generations. The family consisted of a mom and a dad and 4 children. The Dad worked for the city as a garbage collector, making about $4800 pesos a month (about $260 USD). Mom tried desperately to grow herbs so she could sell them for pennies and those pennies bought tortillas and beans to feed her family.

She made sure the children were sparkling clean before sending them off to school for Mom thought that the only way to improve their lives was through education. Dad would spend his day collecting trash and then he would pick through the trash trying to find something he could salvage and sell. He was a hard-working man trying to do the best he could for his family.

Mom and Dad heard about an organization called Casita Linda and spent hours on a bus to visit the Casita Linda office to hopefully be approved for a house. They provided documentation showing that they were married and owned the small plot of land they lived on. They proved that their children attended school regularly and that they were active members of their community.

Mom attended Casita Linda workshops twice a week and learned about women’s health issues, community building, recycling, planned parenthood and so many other important things.

The vetting committee felt that this family was very deserving of a home and so the building began and 4 weeks later, they had a beautiful home, a water catchment system, tables and chairs and beds for all the family members and they had hope…hope for a brighter tomorrow, dignity and the desire to continue on a path to a better life.

YOU made this happen! And YOU have helped Casita Linda provide homes for 100 families.

Please help us continue to serve families who do want to improve their circumstances but have no way to do it on their own.

We so appreciate your support and this year perhaps rather than purchasing a traditional gift for your family members, co-workers or clients, you would help build a house by purchasing one of the following in their names. This is a truly thoughtful opportunity to spread a message of cheer and charitable giving during the holiday season.

Thank you for your support and we wish you the very happiest of holidays and a healthy New Year.

The Casita Linda Board of Directors

Donate Now


Give the Gift of Hope

$12,000 USD – A Full Casita Linda
$6,000 USD – Half A Casita Linda
$1,000 USD – Furniture and Mattresses for a Casita Linda Family
$500 USD – Windows and Doors for a Casita Linda
$200 USD – Paint for a Casita Linda
$50 USD – Sponsors one woman for 9 months of workshops

Donate Now
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