Who We Are

Casita Linda means pretty little house. That’s what we build for families living in extreme poverty in the San Miguel de Allende area, four hours north of Mexico City.
Before their “Casita Linda” house, had little comfort or security. They lived in small structures made from scraps of wood, pieces of metal, stones, plastic and other cast-off materials with little protection from the elements. Many children had no bed or light for doing their homework.


After helping to build their new home, the family has a solid roof and sturdy walls. They are healthier because of improved sanitation and a warm, dry place to sleep. And the increased pride and self esteem are very clear as they choose the color to paint their new home and surround it with flowers, to celebrate their hope for a better future.


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Casita Linda Address:

Zacateros #29 Int. E Centro 

San Miguel de Allende, GTO 37700 Mexico

415 152 0271